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      Purpose: To achieve the maximum number of points for your team.


      1. Prepare two rounds of questions (eight questions per round).
      2. Divide students into teams of four. Line them up in single file in front of the board.
      3. Each team divides their section of chalk board into eight sections.

      1. Each team gets one sheet of eight questions.
      2. When the GO signal is given, the first member of each teams races to the board, writes the question on the board, and tries to solve it. The answer must be circled.
      3. As soon as the person has solved the problem, he/she hands the question sheet to the next person who does the second problem.
      4. The relay continues until all eight questions are on the board.
      5. The round continues until half of the teams have worked all eight questions.
      6. If all captains agree, a correction round may be held. (If one captain objects, no correction round is held) One player from each team is randomly selected. He/she goes to the board and may correct any problem that is already written on the board.
      7. Another correction round may be held if all captains agree.

      1. A team receives one point for writing the problem correctly and two points for correctly solving the question and circling the answer. (If the answer is not circled, it does not count.)
      2. The team that finished first gets a 5 point bonus.
      3. The team with the most correct answer gets a ten point bonus.
      4. Total all points.
      5. Play a second round.
      6. The team with the most total points wins.

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