On a Roll (Lesson/PT)

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      (For full lesson w/handouts, see link at bottom or the attached document)


      1-inch plastic cubes (1 per student)

      Circle Sticky Dots (6 per student)


      Students will create a die comprised of the first 6 letters of their name, predict the probability of getting certain results, and display their probability on a number line and as a fraction.  They will look at results to explain probability as a number between 0 and 1 and as the chance of an event occurring.


      Write out 6 letters from your first or last name on a paper under the document camera.  If you have repeat letters, write the repeats (so if you have two A’s, then your die should also have two A’s).  Show the students how you will copy each letter onto a circle sticky dot and then place the sticky dots onto your blank plastic number cube.  Let the students know they will be following the same process with their name.  Once they understand, pass out the cubes and sticky dots.  Give students 2 minutes to get their name die ready.  Then, give the students 3 minutes to make predictions and record these on their paper.  Circulate to ensure students understand what it is they are predicting. Then, give them 5 minutes to complete their 30 trials, ensuring they record the results in the table provided.  Once they have finished, have them go back to the prediction table and record the fraction of successful trials.  Call on a few students to share results and discuss interesting findings such as the low probability of rolling your 6 letters in order or the higher probability of some students to roll a vowel.



      Click to access I-m_on_a_Roll.pdf

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