Re: Circles


At the beginning of class on the day we begin the Unit on Circles, I tell my students the true story of “Giotto’s O.” The story basically goes: During the Renaissance period in the early 1300s, the Pope was looking for a painter to paint a new chapel, so he sent his servants to collect a drawing from all the supposed good painters of the time. When the servants arrived at Giotto’s house, they told him of the Pope’s demands and asked for a piece of his work. Giotto took out a blank canvas and in one motion, drew a circle so perfect it looked like it had been drawn by a compass. The servants thought his painting was an insult, but when they showed the Pope the circle and told him the story, the Pope told his servant this was the painter he wanted. (The students usually try and draw their own “perfect circles.” It’s quite funny. Also tell them that there are some absurd YouTube videos out there where these idiots try and draw perfect circles on chalkboards. It’s surprising how many students go home and look it up)