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      In the lesson attached below, students draw the representations of theorems and definitions. This activity serves as a review of knowledge of terms and theorems that should have already been covered in the students’ Geometry course.

      Geometry Standards
      1.0 Students demonstrate understanding by identifying and giving examples of undefined terms, axioms, theorems, and inductive and deductive reasoning.

      Index Cards
      Geometry Picture Charade Cards (cut up in advance)
      Geometry Picture Charade Cards overhead copy (optional)

      Activity Notes
      Have each student put his/her name on an index card. Split the class up into 3-4 teams and collect the name cards, keeping them separated in 4 piles according to the teams. Randomly select which team goes first. Explain the rules of the game given below.

      Rules of the Game
      Choose a card from the team first team. The person chosen will be the artist. The artist picks a card from the Geometry Picture Charade Cards and must draw the theorem or term given (make sure the entire class can view the drawing). The artist may use letters to reference points but cannot use letters to make a word. The artist may also verbally note if it is a term or theorem prior to beginning to draw (larger cards are theorems).

      NOTE: The artist must draw a picture that symbolizes the term according to the mathematical definition.

      The artist has 1 minute to try to get his/her team to guess the drawing. After the minute is up, the teacher yells “all play” and the other teams can try to guess the answer. If the answer is not guessed in 1 minute, play stops and it is the next team’s turn. The points are as follows:

      2 points for the artist’s team if they get the answer prior to 1 minute
      1 point for any team who gets the answer during the ‘all play’
      0 points if no team gets the answer.
      -1 point for incorrect term definition

      (see second attachment for the picture cards)

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