Glasses (performance task)

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      Note: for full task with illustrations and solutions, see link

      The diagram shows three glasses (not drawn to scale). The measurements are all in

      (see link above for illustration)

      The bowl of glass 1 is cylindrical. The inside diameter is 5 cm and the inside height is 6 cm. The bowl of glass 2 is composed of a hemisphere attached to cylinder. The inside diameter of both the hemisphere and the cylinder is 6 cm. The height of the cylinder is 3 cm. The bowl of glass 3 is an inverted cone. The inside diameter is 6 cm and the inside slant height is 6 cm.

      a. Find the vertical height of the bowl of glass 3.
      b. Calculate the volume of the bowl of each of these glasses.
      c. Glass 2 is filled with water and then half the water is poured out. Find the height of the water.

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