How fast can you throw?

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      (See link/attachment for full lesson. This lesson also includes a set of questions that compare students’ results to that of Clayton Kershaw)


      Students will collect data for speeds of throwing a ball with their right and left arms.  Students will solve for average speed, create and interpret a dot plot, box-and-whisker plot, and analyze results using measures of central tendency and measures of variability.

      Activity Notes:

      Prior to going outside, you need to measure a 40’ distance to a wall where students will be able to throw balls at.  Mark the distance for each group using a piece of chalk.

      Pass out activity sheet How Fast Can You Throw?  Put students in groups of three. Each group needs a stopwatch and a ball. Model the following in the classroom, before going outside:


      From the 40’ point marked with chalk, each group member will throw the ball 5 times with the right hand and 5 times with the left hand.  While one group member is throwing, one is retrieving and the other is timing.  The timer needs to call out “ready, set, throw.”  The thrower should release the ball on the word throw.  The timer stops the watch when the ball hits the wall.  The retriever gives the ball back and records the time.  Repeat this process until each person has 10 times recorded. 

      How fast can you throw?

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