Making Lemonade (lesson)

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      (For full lesson, click link at bottom or see attached document)

      Materials:  Each group of 4 will need

      Ø2 cups each filled with 1/4 cup of lemon juice, per group

      Ø2 cups of sugar, per group

      Ø8 cups of water, per group

      Ø2 scoops (spoons the same size), per group

      ØPaper Towels

      ØCopies of the student pages that follow


      Suggestions for running the activity:

      ØHave students work in groups of 3-4

      ØHave roles for each group member (recorder, sugar scooper, water scooper, leader)

      ØGive clear directions for behavior with this activity

      ØDo 1 sample trial as a class (following steps 1-8)

      ØPrior to having the class work on their own, ask questions to ensure all students know what to do.

      ØGive the groups 20 minutes to complete as many trials as possible (note that they only get two original amounts of lemon juice, so they will have to “add on” to an original recipe to have more trials.

      ØBring the class back together after 20 minutes, and have the students complete the analysis INDIVIDUALLY for 5 minutes.  Then allow them to work with their group for 5 minutes.  Then, have a few groups who think their lemonade is the best, present this page to the class and give you a taste (you can be the judge). 


      Big ideas to get from this lesson

      ØThis is a “hook” lesson to help create excitement about this unit!

      ØStudents should be able to write a ratio

      ØStudents should understand how to use a tape diagram to draw a representation of their ratio


      ØStudents should be able to explain (at their level) what a ratio is.

      Click to access MakingLemonade.pdf

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