Money Dilemma

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      To start the lesson on exponential growth, I present the students with a choice:

      Option 1: Receive $100 a day for two weeks

      Option 2: Receive $1 on the first day, and double that every day for two weeks ($1, $2, $4, $8 etc)

      The majority of the students will choose Option 1. We then put a graph on the board to show the two options. Option 1 will be linear, and Option 2 will be exponential. Option 2 passes Option 1 right around day 11, displaying how much more powerful exponential growth is than linear. The students could have gotten upwards of $8000 had they chose Option 2, as opposed to the predictable $1400 they would have gotten from option 1.

      See link for a good follow-up activity or HW assignment

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