Rhinos and M&M's

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      For the full lesson, check the link below. Here is an overview of the lesson:

      In activities that use paper folding and M&M’s, students will collect data, create
      scatterplots, and determine algebraic models that represent their functions. Students
      begin this lesson by collecting data within their groups. They fold a sheet of paper
      and determine the area of the smallest region after each fold. Next they draw a
      scatterplot of their data and determine by hand an algebraic model for it. After
      determining this algebraic model by hand, students collect exponential decay data
      using M&M’s and use the graphing calculator to determine a model for this data.
      Both investigations allow students to explore the patterns of exponential models in
      tables, graphs, and symbolic form. The final activity provides an opportunity for
      students to apply what they know about exponential models to future populations
      of African Rhinos.

      Click to access rhinos%20%26%20m%26ms.pdf

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