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      Note: for full lesson w/handouts, see attached document

      Rope- approx 2-4 feet per pair of students.
      Sidewalk Chalk- 1 per pair of students
      Book- Sir Cumference and the Knights of the Round Table
      Colored pencils/markers- for use on Task 3

      Task 1: Human Circle
      Explain the task to the students. Put them into pairs. Once you are sure they understand the task and you have established clear guidelines about behavior walking and being outside, have each pair get a piece of chalk and rope and go to the designated area. Set the timer for 10 minutes to allow each pair to create a “perfect” circle. Let the students struggle to figure it out!!! This is how they will understand the concept and create a definition. Have early finishers try to create a second circle of a different size and consider the two questions on the student page. After 10 minutes (or sooner if all students figure it out), have a few pairs explain how they created heir circle.

      Answer if all are stuck: Fold the rope in half. One student puts the ends together, and holds them on the ground to be the center of the circle. The second student stretches the rope and puts the chalk in the bend at the midpoint. The second student then drags the chalk along the ground, while pulling the role taut. Note that students figuring out the activity independently may not fold the rope. This is not a problem.

      Task 2: Defining a Circle
      Students should be able to complete the 4-box (Frayer model) vocabulary after the exercise and discussion outside. If they need, you may have them work with a partner to complete this. Have a few students share their definition (correct one: The set of all points equidistant from a fixed point), characteristics, examples and non-examples.

      Task 3: Vocabulary of Circles
      Either using the document camera or having your students sit on the floor in a circle, read the class the book Sir Cumference and the Knights of the Round Table. Tell them you will expect them to learn and know the vocabulary at the end of the story. Once you finish, have the students go back to their desk and label their circle will all the words on the vocabulary box. Encourage the use of colors to outline/shade and make sure students are precise! Check this as their Ticket out the Door!

      Task 4 (Time Permitting)- Simon Says
      If you have time in class, have all students stand up for a game of Simon Says with the circle vocabulary (and feel free to go back to other vocabulary from the angles and building shapes unit). Students should use their hands/arms or bodies (or work with a partner if you prefer) to model each word. Below are some example statements.
      Simon says show me a circle.
      Show me the diameter of a circle.
      Simon says show me the circumference of a circle.


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