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      After slide 3 on the four types of lines and their pictures, I do an example on the board about a 300-mile trip to Las Vegas (or whatever city). I place coordinates at at each hour (0,0) (1,50) (2,120) (3,200) (4, 250) (5, 300) and discuss the different speeds/rate-of-change between each hour. “Which slopes were steeper? Why?” “What was the average speed the entire trip?” “How do I calculate the speed/slopes between each hour?”

      I then draw a quick sketch in which the car went fast then hit a flat slope for a while, then sped up. “What happened when the slope got flat?”

      I then draw a quick sketch in which the car’s slope went vertical. “Is this possible?” “Or did the car somehow go all that distance in zero time ellapsed.” “Maybe the car teleported or time traveled”

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