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      Banner Project

      Background: Your current team, named the Avengers, has 11 members on the team. You have decided to create a banner for your soccer team. Together with another student you will design a banner. Your group must adhere to the following requirements:

      1.     The banner must be 6ft wide and 5ft tall.

      2.     The banner can only be comprised of letters, rectangles, triangles, squares and circles and made from felt.

      3.     The banner must contain at least 2 of each shape in #2.

      4.     Each shape will need a border made from the trim.

      5.     Letters and glue do not count towards your total budget.

      Each parent is willing to pay $10 per player to create the team banner. You have done some research and have found felt on sale for $1.99 per square ft and trim for $.99 per ft. 

      Your Task: Create a banner for your soccer team. Draw a picture of the proposed banner with all the dimensions. Create an accounting report for the materials that will be required to create your banner. Be sure to include all the information I need so I can assess the accuracy of your project.

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