Symmetry and physical attraction

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      The attached powerpoint includes slides that depict a variety of ways in which symmetry applies to real world phenomena, mostly with attraction.

      Slides 5-11

      (5) Denzel Washington’s face is very symmetrical according to an article in Time magazine.

      (6) Often times people will take pictures in which they’re always showing “their good side”–because their face isn’t symmetrical (especially with “selfies”). Our faces/skulls aren’t perfectly symmetrical, thus causing to pick a side we like better.

      (7) In the animal kingdom, female zebras tend to be attracted to male zebras who’s leg stripes are more symmetrical. 

      (10) Though there is no history on it, neckties make men more symmetrical, and thus more attractive to the human eye.

      (11) The city of Paris is one of the most symmetrical cities in the world, which is one reason it is so revered by tourists. And a lot of times, they don’t even realize why the city is so appealing, but they instinctively flock to places of symmetry/beauty.




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