Converse of the Pythagorean theorem

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      (for full lesson, see attachment)

      You need:  graph paper, ruler, protractor, spaghetti

      1.  Have students record three numbers of the square side lengths on the table provided. (You can also provide them with the side lengths. This method will go faster.) Have students measure these three side lengths with a ruler and mark the spaghetti.  Have the students break the spaghetti into those side lengths using cm.

      Side lengths:   4, 5, 6       11, 12, 15             9, 12, 15

      2.  Put the spaghetti together to form a triangle with the designated side lengths.  Then with a protractor, measure the largest angle. ( Another Option:  Have students trace the spaghetti-created-triangle onto graph paper /paper.)  Then with a protractor, measure the LARGEST angle.

      3. Record the type of triangle that was formed.


      4.  Have students calculate c2 and a2 + b2.  Have students find a pattern to determine what type of triangle is formed and have them use the Pythagorean Theorem.

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      Another quick performance task on the pythagorean theorem converse

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