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      The attached lesson involves hypothetical scenarios involving selling mp3s and magazines, and challenges the students to display the information algebraically and graphically using linear functions, and systems of linear equations.

      Scenarios in the lesson:

      The web based company offers a one time membership fee of $5. Once a member, you can download unlimited mp3s for $1 each. Rival company charges $20 for a lifetime membership. Members pay $0.25 for each download.

      1. Given these two choices, which company would you join. Why?

      Suppose you decide to get a part-time job selling magazine subscriptions. Mag-a-Sell will pay you $4 for each subscription you sell, but you must pay a one time fee of $25 for the basic seller’s start-up kit. Zineworks only charges $10 for the seller’s start-up kit, but they will only pay you $2 per subscription you sell. Which company should you choose?

      (see attachment for full lesson)

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